Eclectric Roots, Brussels November 1

This is the first evening curated by Enthusiast Music at AuQuai, an underground place in the centre of Brussels. A blend of incredible bands nourished by diverse visions of the world. Authenticity, complexity, groove, love. Fighting through music and culture against any kind of border.

First Désir Fiorini and Kel Assouf will share the stage. Radical difference for a radical dialog. For this very concert Fabian Fiorini will perform on a Fender Rhodes. Kel Assouf will introduce their new vintage trio formula.

Then we will also have two releases!

Esinam invites Ibaaku, Senegalese free-spirit and eccentric code-breaker at the vanguard of African avant-garde. Ibaaku assimilates multiple genres for digital deconstruction and reconstitution as soundtracks for wildly inventive visual narratives full of buzzing cosmic mysticism. Be a witness of the first live performance of Esinam's new single produced by Ibaaku! And more!

The Ångstromers will perform some live mix of recordings captured in Haiti in April 2017 with a specific never heard approach they call "Future Chouk". Get your own copy of their first 7inch "Electric Mambo" on location!

Eventually we dance all night long with our good friend Rebel Up SebCat.

This is the night of world premières!

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