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Don Kapot

Don Kapot

After playing and touring together in Oghene Kologbo’s band, World Squad, Jakob Warmenbol (drums) and Giotis Damianidis (bass) joined forces with baritone saxophonist Viktor Perdieus and created Don Kapot. Their powerful groove owes a lot to Kologbo and having rubbed shoulders with the legendary Tony Allen. Don Kapot composes together starting from improvisations. This is the source of their unique sound which feeds on the tastes and influences of each member. As their name says, humor and slight self-irony play a healthy role in their music. Shaking booties on some kind of free jazz, what a program!


Their first LP was released on Mr. Nakayasi Records in 2018. The band has started a partnership with the famous Flemish label W.E.R.F. Records. Check their album “Hooligan” !

Don Kapot on Bandcamp


You can find the band members in some of the most exciting Belgian and international musical adventures. Giotis leads Punk Kong and has performed with Akira Sakata, Sakis Papadimitriou, Oghene Kologbo, Tony Allen, Baba Ani, Balasz Pandi, Gonzalo Almeida to name a few. Jakob was a member of The Unrevealed Society, Robbing Millions and M(h)ysteria among others. He also performs with Ruth Tafebe & the Afrosoul Messengers (with Giotis), Under The Reefs Orchestra and Monolithe Noir. Viktor plays in Punk Kong and with Pompelmoes and The milk Factory and took part in Ifa y Xango, Laia Arkestra, Bolhaerd, Nest, VVolk. He has also recorded and played with Andrew Cyrille (Bambi Pang Pang).

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